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The Bottle Tree (June, 2011) – available in Print and Kindle.

Deep within the piney forests of central Louisiana, three children learn that life amid the turpentine and lumber camps they call home is not what defines who they are, or who they will become as adults.

In the early 1900s, Louisiana’s forests were home to hard working men who made turpentine from the piney lumber by day, and then went home to the clapboard houses in company camps set up around the sawmills. If they were lucky, they had families waiting for them when they got there.

The Bottle Tree is a gripping account of life in a turpentine camp for three resilient families and their children, who must face this harsh environment in order to survive.

Leesie, Johnny, and Caleb endure many of the same hardships as their parents, but once their bond is forged, the trio takes a stand against one of the camp’s most common problems: the struggle with racism.

While the segregated camp feeds adult insecurities, Leesie and Caleb befriend Johnny and begin teaching each other that racial divides are fabricated by ignorance and fear; two qualities each child refuses to possess.


Terror in the Wire (May, 2011) – available on Kindle Now!

In this short story, the fate of the world may depend on the prisoners inside the Rockwell Unit of the Texas Department of Corrections when a new load of prisoners bring something else with them.

All of the author’s proceeds from the sale of this short story will be donated to Kiva.org, Surfrider, Water.org, or another non-profit or humanitarian cause.



Texas Military Sites 1700-1900 (June, 2011) –available on Kindle Now!

Texas Military Sites is a perfect reference guide for the amateur Texas historian or the relic hunter or metal detectorist.

Written over a period of nearly twenty years, this book pulls on out of print sources as well as original documents contained in libraries and collections around the state.

The author has personally visited many of the sites and confirmed their location.

This book is arranged like an encyclopedia, with some artwork, information on the sites including history and location (as near as possible), as well as a list of references.

The sites are also listed by the time period in which they were used, since many saw duty from the Republic of Texas days until the 20th century.


Louisiana Gumbo
Louisiana Gumbo


Louisiana Gumbo: Tales From the Bayou State (June, 2016). Available now from Amazon.

Louisiana Gumbo: Tales from the Bayou State is a celebration of the great writing history of Louisiana. With works from noted Louisiana writers such as Kate Chopin and George Washington Cable, this books is a celebration of the diverse culture and history of the state. These tales and poems from the past and present were selected to provide a glimpse into life in the Bayou State.




Louisiana Storybook for Children
Louisiana Storybook for Children

Louisiana Storybook for Children (June, 2016). Available now from Amazon.

Louisiana has a long tradition of storytelling to involve the children in history and the tales of yesteryear. Unlike the stories of today, many of the ones in this book relate to life as it was back then both for children and adults and will introduce a whole new realm of possibilities to the family. These stories are meant to be read aloud, the different characters coming to life through the efforts of the parents and are sure to make great memories of the time spent together as well as providing another link in the generations of a family.