Q & A with Robert

Who’s your favorite writer? I know I should say something high brow like Faulkner or Steinbeck, but like millions of other people it’s probably Stephen King, although I also like James Michener and James Clavell a lot. John Grisham can be outstanding at times, he really manages to nail small towns and the people. There a couple of lesser known horror writers I’m very partial to as well, Jonathan Maberry who wrote the Pine Deep / Ghost Road Blues trilogy, and J.L. Bourne who has written a series of really good zombie novels.  I’m also particularly fond of Joe Lansdale, another writer from my neck of the woods.  He’s got mad skills.

What’s your favorite book? It depends on the genre. In horror it’s probably The Stand. In Sci Fi it would be Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard or Have Space Suit Will Travel by Robert Heinlein. Overall, probably A Confederacy of Dunces, Tom Sawyer, Shogun, or Hawaii. I reread those over and over. I also like Jimmy Buffett’s books for a quick, easy read.

What are you working on now? I like to work on multiple projects at one time, so right now I’m doing the second book in the Junebug series, a Weird Western about Doc Holliday and I’m just about to finish my first kids book. I’m also still playing with a script for a comedy zombie movie and I’m working on the book “Meth” that I hope to get cranked back up on soon. The plot is still unwinding on that one.

When do you think they’ll be finished? I’m planning on having the kid’s book and the on on Doc Holliday for the NSU Folk Festival appearance in July, 2018. I may even be able to get another one finished by then. For me, the writing is fast when I’m on a project but the editing takes forever so I do a first run through of the edits and then I’ll turn it over to a professional editor.

If you could have written any movie that you have seen, which one would it be? Shawshank Redemption without a doubt. I think that was a perfect movie and I don’t see how the writer could have done any better.

What’s your favorite restaurant meal? The breakfast at Brennan’s in New Orleans. A Brandy Milk Punch and coffee, Turtle Soup for the first course, then Oysters Benedict, and finish it with Bananas Foster. My next favorite is from a restaurant called Ragin’ Cajun in Houston, off of Richmond. Give me a shrimp po-boy from there and I’m happy.

Favorite Cities? New Orleans, Louisiana, or London, England. So far. I really want to get to Paris (France, not Texas). My wife and I went to Iceland last year and I liked Reykjavik lot and the whole country is fascinating. The people were incredibly friendly.

Favorite vacation spot? Negril, Jamaica. The people there refuse to let you get in a hurry. A trip to the Greek Islands and Italy aren’t too far off in my plans and Bora Bora is calling.

Most beautiful place you’ve been? So far, Hawaii. It is the only place I’ve been to that is as pretty or prettier than the pictures you see. I like the people there too. Iceland is beautiful too, but in a very stark way. Not many trees and a lot of rocks and a zillion waterfalls.

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