Junebug and the Body (The Junebug Series Book 1)- Autographed Copy



It’s early summer in St. John, Texas, 1974, and two young fishermen try their hand at a new catfishing technique on a lazy, hot summer afternoon. When their efforts dislodge a barely decomposed body from the grips of Sandy Creek, their dreams of a catfish dinner vanish in an instant, along with all hopes of an uneventful summer vacation.

Southern native and author Robert D. Bennett delivers this light-hearted whodunit through the eyes of 12-year-old Joe Ben, who cannot help being impressed by his quirky best friend Junebug’s Hardy Boys approach when the circumstances surrounding the death of their fateful catch leads to the murder investigation of St. John’s only famous resident.

Filled with twists and turns expected of a murder mystery, Junebug and the Body comes alive using boyhood humor and the rich animation of characters through expertly crafted southern dialogue so intimately authentic, you’ll be transplanted right into the thick of this small southern town’s murder mystery.

This is the first book in the Junebug Series.


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