No’ Chance (Book 1 of Noah Chance series) – Autographed Copy



Noah Chance is about to graduate from high school and has beaten all the odds stacked against him from birth in order to reach this important milestone. Afflicted with Downs Syndrome, Noah’s high-functioning capabilities are not what make him so special. Rather, it is his endless capacity to love that sets Noah apart from most …that, and his ability to see and talk with the dead.

Spencer and Jen are Noah’s closest friends, constant companions, and his fiercest protectors; a triumvirate that works so well until the afternoon when Noah introduces them to “John.”

John is a 12-year-old spirit whose flesh was recently taken from him in the most sinister way imaginable. A child-molester named Silas killed him. Led by Noah, the trio head out to track down the murder scene, but soon discover they are on a collision course with something far greater than the murder of a child: an epic battle against the underworld and all of its hellacious inhabitants.


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